Hey you Mob, we all know smoking is bad our health but how do we break
the cycle?

Ready Mob are here to challenge our youth to take control and become
Deadly n Ready to make our mob Smokefree.

No more of our mob need to get sick, let’s stand up to smokes.

We are asking all Biripi, Dunghutti, and Gumbaynggirr youth to say no to smokes
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deadly n ready what smoking can do to you

We all know smoking is bad for us – but do we actually know what it can do to our health and our bodies?

What’s in a smoke?

There are over 7,000 dangerous chemicals in just one smoke! These chemicals are the same as those in insect spray, toilet cleaner, paint stripper, lighter fluid and rocket fuel!

Smoking can cause mouth cancer, lung cancer, a stroke, hardening arteries, and many other cardiovascular diseases. Not only does it affect your body, it can cause emotional and financial stress on your family.

deadly n ready break the cycle

Many homes in our community are smoking homes.

Making a lot of our young kids passive smokers. Sometimes they become smokers themselves.

But Deadly N Ready is all about breaking this cycle!

Our youth on the Mid North Coast have this powerful message:

deadly n ready fight peer pressure

Check out these DEADLY N READY young fullas making our mob smoke free!

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Please help us spread the word by putting up a poster in your area or sharing the Deadly N Ready message on social media! You can grab web and low or high res versions for printing below:

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deadly n ready where can i go to quit
Check out your local contacts on our local medical services page. Let's break the cycle.