Smoke Free Community

SMOKE FREE COMMUNITY is all about supporting our mob on the Mid North Coast to chuck the smokes and live a healthier lifestyle. 

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Our SMOKE FREE COMMUNITY social marketing campaigns are being implemented by Aboriginal Medical Services in the Mid North Coast to reduce smoking rates in the Aboriginal community.

Our SMOKE FREE COMMUNITY social marketing campaigns include:
➜ Smoke Free TV – Inspiring stories by local people.
➜ Butt Out Kids About – Smoke Free home and car pledge.
➜ Deadly and Ready – Youth movement.

SMOKE FREE COMMUNITY is an initiative of Galambila Aboriginal Health Service and our READY MOB team are passionate about making our community healthy and smoke free!

Resources produced as part of the SMOKE FREE COMMUNITY campaigns are aimed at encouraging our community to keep homes, cars and other environments smoke-free, preventing smoking uptake and supporting smokers to quit.

There are plenty of ways to start getting healthier today and lots of great resources here to help you give up the smokes.

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“Smoking rates are almost three times higher in the Aboriginal community and it is so important that we get the message out and support smokers and people that have not started to smoke”
Kristine Garrett, Former Galambila Aboriginal Health Service CEO.